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Part-time Country Manager

  • 1 hora
  • Location 1

Descrição do serviço

A part-time professional with the right skills to set up and grow your business in your target market. This includes: - A go-to-market plan - Local corporate address - Local phone number - One-pager of the company in a local language - Mentoring session about doing business in your target market - Mentoring session with an overview of the target market - Advisory on product/service localization Optional services: - Brand registration - Tax advice - Company incorporation - Accountancy services - Local digital marketing campaign Dedicated hours: 20 hours per week Minimum contract duration: 6 months.

Informações de contato

  • +55 (11) 4301-1018 / +55 (11) 98847-5722

Página de serviço: Bookings_Service_Page
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